Iolite (cordierite) Photo courtesy of Gerdus Bronn: Iolite: the "Viking Compass" Finding the Hidden Sun with this Remarkable Stone: Update 12/26/15: For an in-depth look at the optical properties of iolite and pleochroism which make it suitable as the Viking Sunstone, see: Skalwold, E.A. and W.A. Bassett.


Iolite (Cordierite, Water Sapphire, Viking Stone) ~ 1 medium A grade Reiki infused tumbled crystal.

Iolite is the sacred stone of the Viking sea goddess Ran, when they  Iolite gemstone is a transparent gem-quality form of cordierite, a composition of Iolite gemstone is even famous for 'the Viking stone' because according to  The Viking mariners used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun   Name: Iolite Palm Stone Size: 6 x 4.5 cm Price: $29.95 Iolite's ability to stimulate the imagination is powerful. It is an excellent meditation tool that can help calm  Although it is known that the Vikings used iolite as a light polarizer to navigate their Iolite is a stone of vision, helping with self expression and self knowing. The word "iolite" derives from the Greek word for "purple", but the stone has also been called water-saphire and viking compas as it was previously used to  10 Jul 2015 Iolite History. The Viking Compass. Iolite's history is an interesting one, connected to its remarkable color-changing properties.

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Our massive  the principal name is Iolite, the most used and correct name, other nomenclature for this stone are: iolite cordierite, water sapphire, dichroite, the viking stone  Said to be used by the ancient Vikings as a lens to see during their ocean voyages, Iolite is also known as the Viking Stone. Iolite enhances curiosity and helps  Stones And Crystals · Spirituality Mineral Stone · Natural Crystals Hi Luster Burma Iolite (Viking Sapphire) Gemstone (3.5ct) 12x10 mm Oval. Sapphire  It is also known in mineralogy terms as Cordierite, in its gem-grade form as “ Water Sapphire,” and in mythology as the “Viking Compass” as the Vikings are known  The name 'iolite' originates from the Greek word 'ios' meaning 'violet' and was previously know as “water sapphire”, as well as 'the Viking Stone' as Norse  Deep Purple Specimen. Iolite is sometimes referred to as "the Viking stone" because, according to Norse legend, Vikings used thin slices of iolite as polarizing  Iolite, a gemstone with striking optical qualities used by Vikings as a Iolite. An attractive blue-violet stone.

The name Iolite comes from the Greek word 'Ios' meaning Violet. Also known as the 'Water Sapphire', Viking navigators are said to have used slices of Every piece is made using the highest quality, ethically & susta

Go on a journey of self-discovery with this Guiding Third Eye Iolite Palm Stone! Iolite, also known as cordierite, helps you find your way through the voyage of life.

The property that made iolite so valuable to the Vikings is its extreme pleochroism. Iolite has different colours in different directions in the crystal. A cube cut from iolite will look a more or less violet blue, almost like sapphire, from one side, clear as water from the other.

DC Label Beanie Iolite Blue Cuff - DC - Blå 349 kr. Billabong Bower New Era NYC Knit Navy/Stone Cuff - New Era - Blå 229 kr.

Lowest price Iolite-Sunstone motivates one to move forward and actualize their dreams and goals. The stone embodies the vibration of creative energy and is a powerful stone for those involved in the arts – visionary artists, writers, musicians, dancers and actors.
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2021-04-21 2011-09-08 Iolite was referred to as the Viking’s Compass because it was used to find the direction of the sun on those really overcast days. It’s also known as the Water Sapphire, or the Stone of the Muses, because of its ability to unlock visions and unleash creativity. Vikings are believed to have used this crystal to guide their way on clouded days. Iolite has been nicknamed “the Viking Stone” and “Viking Compass stone”.

Actor Peter Stormare's personal and often humorous journey through Minnesota to learn the truth about the Kensington Runestone, a disputed proof that vikings discovered America, through meetings with scholars, skeptics and sensationalists. 2011-10-25 · Viking traditions Iolite is most commonly used as a gemstone in gold and silver jewellery, but it is often known as the Vikings’ compass, due to its ability to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days (the strongest polarization of sky light, and the bluest hue in the iolite, i iolite stone. Skip to main
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According to legend, iolite is called the Viking Compass Stone. It’s said that thin slices of iolite served as glare-reducers and polarizing filters that helped ancient Viking navigators locate the sun on cloudy days. This allowed the Nordic mariners to pinpoint their own location on the seas.

This gem has many psychological virtues. The majority of them are related to sleep and spirituality. Indeed, it promotes deep and restful sleep, helps you to fall asleep more easily and affects dreams. Iolite stone’s effect is perfect for Iolite Jewelry The name Iolite is derived from the Greek word 'ion', which means violet.

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Description. Iolite usually called the gem of the Vikings is another member in the precious stone family. It is believed that the Viking explorers used a weapon made out of lolite gem to determine their position whenever they ventured far out into the ocean.

The iolite/cordierite, also known as "the water-sapphire" or "the Viking compass", is a fine gemstone that changes its colors when viewed  Cordierite (mineralogy) or iolite (gemology) is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. It has also been called "water-sapphire" and "Vikings' Compass" because of its usefulness Left: rough specimen showi 8 Sep 2011 Iolite is a beautiful blue gemstone that is affordable and durable. Iolite has gone out of fashion, but is a stone worth investigating! The vikings  The stone was once known as the Viking compass because it can determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. When Leif Eriksson and the other legendary  Iolite was first know by Vikings who used it for navigations purposes. This stone posses wonderful property to have different colors at different angle of view. Iolite is also known as 'the Viking stone' because according to Norse legend, Vikings used iolite as a polarizing filter to help them find the sun on cloudy days.